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As easy as ABC.


This is the first iteration of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting network) Digital Map. The task was to reflect their key brands and their main digital touchpoints on both their own and on third-party platforms and the relationships between them. Metrics are drawn from various sources to illustrate performance and growth between brands and key digital touch points. The brief was to capture all of the broadcasting networks touch points, then elevate their health with a traffic light system to allow them to make informed decisions about future strategy. Largely to do with where to dedicate future funding.


Key contacts: Linda Bracken and Georgia Rowe.


My Role.


My role was to distill the data into visual forms and help generate the concept with the internal ABC team. I then worked internally with the ABC and built the map on their behalf.




1.  Data Visualisation
2. Artwork
3. Concept Development

The Process.






First step was meet with Georgia Rowe, see where the ABC was at in terms of timeline and content.

Secondly, I took what they had in terms of data and concepts and sketched up a new version and presented back to the ABC.

We settled on the new concept and began the task of refining the concept with different ways to show the sheer mass amount of data we were working with.

Finalized the concept as well as the 'touchpoint cards' and 'scorecard' elements that work in conjunction with the main concept.

Printed map to a large custom size (4m long) to be used in a presentation to the ABC board of directors.

Concept stage.

The Result.