The Process.




A photo, light, and rope installation piece - Melbourne, AUS.


Anomaly was an installation piece I created a few years back in the front of the Fed Square building as part of a larger design event, but also ran into White Night (in Sydney it's called Vivid). I was awarded the opportunity to create and oversee the installation after pitching to a board of heavy-weight creatives. I was recently back from MOMA in Tasmanian and spoke of the level of immersion that created such an amazing atmospheric experience. And I wanted to create such an atmosphere at Fed Square. I was over the moon to be selected and still feel it was a great honor to work in such a famous and public building. The piece was part of a larger design festival which now runs annually.


The event hosted Stephen Sagmeister that year and I enjoyed walking him through the concept.




My Role.


After my pitch, I refined the core concept of being an "Anomaly". I oversaw and helped build the installation piece.





 - Presentation

 - Idea Generation

 -Concept developments

- hands-on instillation







Coming up with the concept based on the brief.

Presenting my ideas and core concept to a board of designers.

Hands-on creation of installation piece. Lights added to compete and be accepted as part of Whitelight.

Walking Stephen Sagmeister though concept and presenting the piece.

Launch during the design event. Installation piece become part of Hitenight a few days later.

The Result.