Byron Bay Burgers. 



BBBB stands for Byron Bay Burgers, ''what's that extra B for''? That's a typo - Sydney, AUS.  


Byron Bay Burgers is an up and coming Burger joint about to hit the sands of East Sydney. I met with the two young owners early in their business journey, they wanted someone who could work on their level of enthusiasm, boldness and entrepreneurial can-do spirit. We had been brought together by a mutual friend and it turned into a truly mutually beneficial partnership. I was more than happy to meet some other Sydney based go-getters and they were happy to have someone who understood their drive.

My Role.

My role was brand creation for the restaurant




- Branding

- Graphic Design

The Process.





Met with the owners for a frank discussion about the business idea and the kind of designer they were looking for.

 I began with getting them to generate images of things they the business to, as well as designs they liked.

I created a few concepts early on from what they had shown me. We moved fast as they were clear in what they wanted.

Finalised the concept and generated some collateral. Team is awaiting funding to clear before we move again.


Unfortunately, Byron Bay Burgers never got off the ground. I'm selling the brand (with a new name, naturally) as well as my services to help you implement it to your own food based business dream. Please contact for details.

The Result.

Sydney, Australia



Designer & Creative Strategist 


UK 07599 029 188

AUS 0467 67 69 61