The Process.

Kottontails //

Customer Experience - Brighton, UK.



On Wednesdays we wear pink.



Kottontails specialises in bachelor parties down in the south of England in the form of strippers for private events. Working with local strippers and connecting them with bachelor parties and other local business to create events.


My Role.

I met the owners by chance shortly after arriving in Brighton, and it ended up being one of my biggest jobs to date. I worked closely with the couple as we spent months rolling out a brand for their new business. My role was all things creative, social media, branding and website build. I also negotiated deals on their behalf, for example, a joint effort with a local luxury car hire company as well as negotiating other event businesses to work collaboratively together with Kottontails to offer package deals for bachelor parties.






1. Photoshoot Direction
2. Branding
3. Hands-on Start-up


Brand rollout, photoshoots, website launch, marketing and launch party.


 There are many other seasonal businesses in Brighton that target Bachelor parties, package deals were negotiated with these businesses so Kottotails was able to offer a the full bachelor experience. (bar crawl babes, quad bikes bubble football).


Met with the couple and got a sense of what they wanted their business to be, and how we would get there.


Brighton is a party town in the warmer months so some competition analysis was required, we wanted to avoid anything sleazy. Market research tools such as SEMrush an Google analytics was used to see what specifically people were searching for, and when.


Once we decided on Bachelor parties being the main demographic in the warmer months, we then started to build up the brand.

The Result.

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