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Creative Strategy  - Sydney, AUS.



Thinking about financial services? Think Logical.


James and the team at Logical Financial are primarily financed brokers but have many areas in which the company operates in. The brand had to be bold enough to stand out in a saturated market, but also flexible enough to work across the many professional disciplines the team did.


There were several major factors I took into account such as the location of clientele, who the clients were (age, sex, nationality, socio-economic factors etc) and the importance of trust, especially in this case as the company handled peoples life savings and large amounts of money. I started with a new advertising campaign based on a strong blue (highest trust colour as people generally associate it to sincerity and honesty) and clear full-sized images of actual employees on white background paired with straight forward, honest copywriting and real quotes. I wanted to inspire a calm, minimalistic nothing-to-hide attitude. We then took this trust-inspiring branding and rolled it across all client-facing touch points. This brand consistency helped sell the company and trustworthy professionals.

The job included competition analysis, creative direction, full rebrand, website build, UI and marketing. 


My Role.


My role was Creative Lead, which covered the full branding, competition analysis, UI and front-end web development, pitching to clients and timeline management.



1. Branding
2. Creative Lead
3. Customer Experience

The Process.


Secondly, once I identified what it was they wanted to say, and who they were trying to say it to, I was able to use that as a guide throughout the design process. Always checking back to make sure what I was creating fit that purpose.


After competition analysis I started sketching and generating lo-fi mockups. This stage is just a quick hashing out of potential directions of the new brand and elements, including brand marques, colours and taglines.


The first step was to go chat to James and his team to discover what Logical was about, what kind of company they were, their personality and what results they wanted to achieve. 


Once I narrowed down the options, I fleshed out the best three and presented them back to the client. The client selected their favourite of the three and elements of the other two that they liked and we combined them into the strongest option.


I finalised the brand with regular input from the client and rolled it out across the digital and print collateral.

Concept stage.

The result.

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