Optifast by Nestle //
Digital marketing, brand and advertising - Dubai UAE.


Live off the scale.


Nestle approached Digitas (the marketing arm of the Publicis Groupe) with the opportunity to pitch for a rebrand of their weight loss program and matching products. With a rebrand and advertising campaign to launch the service and products on the Middle East. The winner being the company that showed the greatest understanding of running a digital marketing campaign and how interesting the execution of that campaign would be. The campaign was largely based around a TV and Youtube commercial that was to be scripted, story boarded and shot by us.

My Role.


I worked with my creative team at Publicist Sapient. Together we created an entire new brand for the Nestle product. A new, fresh, and bold presence we believed would major leap forward for the sub brand Optifast. I worked up front on the concept creation, messaging strategy and video storyboard. The concept included new brand, video advertising idea, and all touch points for our CRM strategy.

One we won the work I then started on creating the commercial. Choosing outfits, cast and finalising the locations. On shooting days, I ran our in house production team to bring the concept to life.


1.  Concept Creation
2. Pitching
3. Team Leadership
4. Advertising


The Process.


Working with the editing team on the video. Working with the creative team to create the CRM items


The shooting days were  hands on. I ran the production team as we brought the video advertising to life over the 6 scenes and different shooting location we had scoped out days prior


Started with understanding the potential consumers. Middle eastern and very much struggling with weight. Had to take into account the very specific issues with weight, and culture sensitivites from UAE to Egypt and Saudi.


Concept creation based around our research.


Pitching the work to Nestle. Including Brand, video idea and CRM strategy

The Result.

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