The Process.

The Sainsbury's Universe.
Interactive website concept, Infographics print.



Let there be light ... and an over-index in snacks - London, UK.


Sainsbury’s approached Kantar Worldpanel in mid-2018 with a large market research contract in the form of an occasion segmentation data set. Basically, Sainsbury’s wanted to snapshot of their entire business. They wanted to know who used their products, what time of day and for what purpose. The occasions were broken down into individual ‘moments’ such as IH (in home) family together for breakfast or OOH (out of home) routine energy boost drinks, and so on.


My Role.


As the Design Manager for Kantar Worldpanel, it was up to me to decide how to visualise this infographic in the form of a single piece, and then build that graphic while managing the timeline, my team, the account manager and client.







- Ideas Generation

- Concept Creation

- Infographics

- UI Design

- Project Management


The Sainsbury’s universe was designed to be an interactive microsite with a series of filters to show or remove data. But due to outside factors, it ended up being printed on A0.


 I then converted all the numbers into bubble sizes to represent their size in terms of millions of uses. Bubble opacity was used to show how much people spent at that occasion. Fuller colour = more money spent.


I spent a lot of time sketching/conceptualising stage as I was working with hundreds of numbers that would have to be visualised relative to each other, numbers ranging from over 80,000 million down to about 100 thousand.


After several days of sketching models, the better ones were selected and shown to the account manager.


The account manager and I settled on the best option and improved upon it by showing it to users, and making changes based on their natural understandings of the model.

The Result.