The Result.


Brand finalisation and handover of new website, social, marketing collateral and brand.


The final brand concept was the broadened out (colour, brand marques, lo-fi collateral) testes, refined down and finalaised.


I met with Toni to get a thorough understanding of her, the school and what she wanted to achieve.


After some presentations, many discussions and idea swapping we selected the strongest concept. 


Once I had discovered what we were trying to say and to who. I worked backwards from there and created three brand solutions

Sydney Drama School.




The drama-less rebrand of Sydney Drama School - Sydney, AUS.


SDS was a huge rebrand of one of Sydney's best and longest-running drama schools. I worked closely with owner Toni Higginbotham. Toni wanted a strong and bold brand that matched her school's attitude, track record, and creative work ethic. We started broad and refined down the brand over many meetings. We worked closely together as I created a brand to help Toni achieve her school goals.



My Role.


My role was Creative Lead, which covered project management, the full branding, competition analysis  front-end web development and client management.







The Process.


- Branding

- Graphic Design

- Client Liaison

- Front-End Web Design

- Project Management

Sydney, Australia



Designer & Creative Strategist 


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AUS 0467 67 69 61