The Process.

Unilever, Womens Hair.



The world of female hair products is a shiny, voluminous battleground - London, UK.

As the overall market size of womens hair products shrinks consistently year-on-year. Companies like Unilever are having to invest heavily in identifying rapidly changing consumer wants and needs. Unilever understood the importance of adjusting to the boutique needs of these women and their streamlined beauty routines. Kantar Worldpanel was contracted by Unilever to create a womens hair based data set.


My Role.


As the Design Manager for Kantar Worldpanel UK, this Printed book for Unilever was a fairly typical project. The Data Analysis would come to me, talk to me about a data set they wanted designed up for one reason, or another. I would then make collateral recommendations based on client, amount of data, timeline and delivery options. The I would brief my design team (if needed) and roll it out.






- Branding

- Graphic Design

- Creative Lead

- Front End Web Design

- Account Management


Book handed over to account manager to be used as part of a larger presentation to Unilever.


Concept finalised, book completed and printed onsite.


Met with the account manager (data analysis) to discuss the potential project.


Once I signed off on the project with the account manager, I made a battle plan which consisted of filling out a design brief and setting meetings and deadlines.


Concept presented back to the account manager. Agreeing on a printed book as the best option.

The Result.

Unilever hair COVER.jpg
Unilever hair mock 2.jpg
Unilever hair mock 3.jpg
Unilever hair mock 1.jpg
Unilever hair mock 5.jpg
Unilever hair mock 6.jpg